Apples: The Kings' Cross Orchard

Among the businesses, developments and concrete of an industrial estate behind King's Cross Station one of London's biggest community orchards is springing up.

The vision of a large orchard, trees brimming with ripe organic fruit is perhaps as far removed from the normal image of Central London as you can get.

The King's Cross Terra Madre Group (a group co-ordinated by the Slow Food Organisation - committed to producing quality food in a responsible, sustainable way) hope to change this by expanding a 10 tree orchard, planted last autumn, with the help of over 200 members of the public, to include a further 40 trees, with funding coming from a Capital Growth Grant; making it one of the biggest inner-city orchards in London. Terra Madre would like your help with the planting and to help celebrate afterwards with a ‘’Wassailing Party”.

The orchard will mainly be made up of apple trees but will also have varieties of pear, plum, cherry, medlar and quince. After the planting there will be a traditional Wassailing Party - an ancient English tradition used to wake up fruit trees and get them ready to bear fruit. At the last planting and party, over 200 members of the public and their families turned up to help, so get yourself involved and enjoy some free hot spiced cider and apple juice, hot apple fritters, a fire, wassailing songs and lots of noise to wake up the trees.

The event will be from 4pm onwards on Friday 26th February (King’s Cross Orchard at Booker - 106 Camley St, London, NW1 0PF).

Entrance is free and everyone is welcome and encouraged to come along. Help plant the orchard and join in the party fun!

For more information please contact Alex Smith - alexsmith@alara.co.uk

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