Apple Flavours and Tastings, 2017

Most apples available in the supermarkets are descended from the same few parents, and they taste rather similar. The range of apples available is wider than it was a few years ago, but the choice is still limited.

Over the past 20 years I have collected unusual apples from many areas and I am putting information online about some of them, as judged in our apple tastings.

I hope this encourages interest in some of the more 'out-of-the-way' flavours; perhaps a few of you will be encouraged to grow some of these apples.

After a few words about each variety, we allocate a numerical score to the apple. This is very subjective; it varies depending on the ripeness, the season, the position of the apple on the tree and on other things.

Perception of flavour varies widely between individuals. What appeals to one person may not be attractive to another. However, the scores should give a rough idea of what to expect of the varieties covered.

What the numbers mean:

4=very good
3=neither like nor dislike
2=mildly unpleasant

For quick reference I have listed the scores below. There are usually two tasters; I give the indivdual scores, then the total.

Please click on the links to view the videos.

4,5,9 Pink Pearmain x Golden Noble seedling
4,4,8 Mela Abbondonza
4,5 Eden Crab
4,4,9 Hidden Rose
4,4,8 Metton Roy
3,3,6 James Grieve (end of its life)
4,4,8 Margil
3,3,6 Wibtoft Seedling (end of its life)
4,3,7 Crimson Gold (end of its life)
4,3,7 Bumble Bee Lane apple
4,4,8 Grenadine
5,3,8 Wickson
4,4,9 Mere Pippin

Apple Tasting 6, 26 Oct 2017; this is filmed and is now online. 63 varieties tasted so far this year. There will probably be one more tasting this season if the late winter keepers store in good condition.

4,3,7 Golden Noble (riper than 16 Sep)
3,3,6 Soulardii
3,3,6 Queen Caroline
5,4,9 Lord Lambourne
4,4,8 Xmas Pippin
5,5,10 Marriage Maker
2,1,3 Langton Nonesuch (shaded; low sugar)
4,3,7 Claygate Pearmain
1,2,3 Huonville Crab

Apple Tasting 5a, 28 Sep 2017. This has been filmed but unfortunately the file has been mislaid. If it turns up we will put it online.

3,3,6 Golden Noble
3,3,7 Spartan
3,2,5 Chapman's Colossus
3,3,6 May Queen
3,2,5 Rubaiyat
4,3,7 Belvoir Seedling
4,2,6 Weirouge
5,5,10 Laxton's Fortune
5,2,7 Calla Colossus
5,5,10 Deerpark Apple (Ribston?)
Apple Tasting 5, 16 Sep 2017: Midseason

3,2,5 Pink Pearmain
4,4,8 Redlove Circe
4,3,7 Breunsdorfer
4,3, 8 Barnack Orange
5,5,10 Seagrave Early
3,2,5 Roter Mond
5,4,9 West Virginia Sweet
5,5,10 Amulet
+ ND seedling PP x Golden Noble
Apple Tasting 4, 14 Sep 2017: Midseason

4,4,8 Rote Dries
3,3,6 Malus Geneva
2,3,5 Purple Radish
5,5,10 St. Ailred
5,4,9 Mott's Pink
4,4,9 Sops-in-Wine, greenleaved variant
5,4,9 Zorza
4,4,8 Ribston Pippin
+ an ND seedling
Apple Tasting 3, 3 Sep 2017: Early Midseason

1,2,3 Burford's Redflesh
5,4,9 Hall's Pink
4,4,9 Laxton's Fortune
4,4,8 Dubbelman
4,4,8 Redlove Circe
4,4,8 Scarlet Surprise
4,4,8 Darcy Spice x Motts Pink seedling
4,3,7 Mott's Pink
(Apple Tasting 26 Aug 2017 - NOT FILMED)

4,4,4,12 ...Kosztela
4,4,3,11 Matrioska
5,3,2,10 ...Eccentric
4,5,5,14 ...Dubbelman
+ 2 ND seedlings
Apple Tasting 2, 25 Aug 2017: Early Midseason

4,4,8 Leicestershire Sweetings
2,3,5 Scarlet Surprise
3,3,6 Almata
5,3,8 Halls Pink
5,5,10 Discovery
5,5,10 Rosette
+ 2 ND seedlings
Apple Tasting 1, 10 Aug 2017: Earlies

ND / habitat21.

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