A Dash for Gas

Only a very few years ago, the British government instigated its "dash for gas". We needed new power stations, and the cheapest option was to organise more gas-burning to supply our electricity.

Gas fired power stations only takes a couple of years to build, and so that's what happened.

As a country we are now short of gas, and having to import. The price is on the way up. Gas use continues to increase. A committee of MPs (the Commons Environmental audit committee) has decided we need more gas fired power stations (17 Apr 06).

An increasing amount of gas is coming from distant countries, and we are at the end of a very long supply chain passing through most of Europe. Just look at the map. Think of the implications.

Most people are not aware of where their energy comes from. They press a switch and they're warm, or the light comes on. Why should they think about gas, or nuclear power, or coal, or energy policy, as long as they're comfortable?

I have another question.

In a country which will soon be short of energy, is it sensible to remain ignorant about it?

For example....

Many of our nuclear power stations are coming to the end of their lives.

What is going to take their place?

If they are not replaced, either industrial users or the domestic consumer - you - will have a reduced energy supply. Regular power cuts, perhaps, as in some parts of America. This will be inconvenient for us, and it will not help the economy.

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