Scottish Independence
and the Wind Energy Fiasco

The following letter appeared in the P and J at the beginning of August 2012. It is republished here by permission of the writer.

Dear Sir

A recent letter in the P & J links the wind farm fiasco with independence.

The writer hit the nail firmly on the head. Alex Salmond is not listening to his own constituents in Aberdeenshire who have had enough of industrial wind development being foisted upon them, as are many areas across Scotland.

The anti wind movement is growing rapidly and the question now being asked is this:

If the SNP government cannot be trusted to care for rural communities regarding this issue then how can they be trusted with independence?

The answer many are coming to is that they can't.

Mr Salmond needs to win hearts and minds to push forward his dream of an independent Scotland. By forcing rural voters to live too closely to gigantic industrial wind turbines and allowing Scotland's iconic landscapes to be destroyed by wind farm developers, he is doing neither.

While it may be thought that there are too few voters in these communities to worry about, it is worth remembering that they all have friends and families, who have seen the distress caused by wind development to their loved ones, and they vote too.

Mrs L Ward

This letter appeared in the Press & Journal. Republished here by permission of Lyndsey Ward.

habitat21 adds:

The enthusiasm of the BBC for wind power is well known; a typical BBC report will assert that a small wind turbine provides the power for tens of thousands of homes.

Unfortunately few people know enough science to do the sums, and the assertion goes unchallenged.

They also forget to say "on the occasions when the wind is blowing at the correct speed".

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