Why it should not be built

Background - this wind farm application has been rejected by the local council. It is not wanted by local people or their representatives, yet the plans were approved by the government inspector after Appeal. Local opinions were overruled..

This message has been sent to me by email by a retired Marine Engineer.....N.D.

........We are told that this wind farm could generate enough clean energy to supply the equivalent of approximately 8,700 homes.

Except of course on the coldest days of winter, when the frost is severe, the wind drops and we actually need electricity.

At these times we need exactly the same number of nuclear, coal, and gas generators that we have always had. The alternative is that the lights go out and the life support machines go off.

Why duplicate our energy system at vast expense for a bit of randomly generated electricity?

Answer - because RWE Renewables stand to make millions sucking on the subsidy teat provided by this Government.

They will get 40 per MWe handed to them from your taxes for 25 years. Guaranteed.

Go to your bank tomorrow and ask to invest your money on a 17% return for 25 years, guaranteed.

See how loud your bank manager can laugh, before he offers you 0.1%.

Mr Elder, the RWE Npower renewables developer, said that the local community stood to receive an investment of 18,000 per year.

Of whose money?

The answer is: the money comes from the subsidies and the electricity bills of every pensioner, school, hospital, hospice, and business already paying for electricity, inside and outside the area.

So people in Bude will be paying this 18,000. People everywhere will be separated from their money to have it handed to RWE Npower for the next 25 years.

This development would never have been proposed if these subsidies were not in place. Wind energy is a proven long term failure. It is only useful where isolation leaves no alternative. Elsewhere, everything is better than a wind turbine.

What about the Germans, needing 30 new coal stations to balance the self inflicted fluctuations in their grid?

How many power stations have been closed because wind has taken over?


Not a single one, anywhere in the world.

How much concrete do you need? How much copper wire? How many miles of new road? How many new pylons? How many diesel trucks to transport your toys? How many ships to import them? Remember there is no large turbine manufacturer anywhere in the UK.

As for servicing, all of the spares for the working life of a wind turbine will be imported.

It is time that the economics of Wind Power entered the real world.

    The Royal Academy of Engineering estimates the cost of energy production (pence per Kilowatt hour) as

    Gas Fired 2.2
    Nuclear 2.3 (including decommissioning)
    Coal 2.5 to 3.2
    On-shore Wind 5 to 7
    Offshore wind - around 10-15 (ND estimate)


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