Why 'Climate Change' Policies are Wrong

Summary by habitat21 of part of an article by James Delingpole, published here during Feb 2013.

.....Every time I look at the internet or read the newspapers or watch something on TV I’m reminded why I object to 'Climate Change' policies.

Two political speeches were made this week.Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey spoke to the Royal Society, and there was President Obama’s State of the Union Address.

In both cases, both men were talking complete nonsense on a subject about which I know a reasonable amount.

Most of what they said was demonstrably wrong. Almost every statement each of these politicians made was a flat-out untruth. They made scientific claims which were not backed up by hard evidence.

Whether they were deliberately lying or whether they were merely badly misinformed we shall never be able to prove. But it really doesn’t matter, the more important point is this: this week two politicians in positions of enormous power made keynote speeches which will have a major impact on people’s lives. What they said was wrong in almost every way, yet policies will be based on it.

Obviously, a State of the Union address by the President of the USA is going to have influence than one by a Lib Dem MP addressing a discredited science institution, but even so, both men were expressing a view very much current in the political establishment in the US, the UK and across the Western World: that Climate Change remains the great issue of our time and that extreme, coercive action needs to be taken by the state in order to deal with it, regardless of the social or economic repercussions.

This claim is not true. And when you know it’s not true – and you can show it’s not true – what do you do? Do you dedicate huge chunks of your life to exposing the falsehood which, you know, is damaging the economy, restricting freedoms, ruining the landscape and inflicting unnecessary hardship on billions? Or do you just opt out recognising, philosophically, that this is merely the latest fashionable thing – the “zeitgeist” – and that, though much more damage will be inflicted before it’s over, there’s really very little a person can do to stop it.

Ed - There was an interesting reply......

    George Orwell said “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. Maybe the only duty”.

    The history of man has been one of a struggle between peoples and self-appointed elites. In the past, the struggle was conducted by those able to wield swords; in the democratic age it is conducted by those able to wield words.

    Is it really tempting to abandon all principle and join the ranks of the morally vacuous?

    Forgive the people – they are not corrupt, they bear human frailty and they have been misled. They rely on those who know the truth to show it to them.


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