Britain's Energy Plan
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The picture below shows the scheme to which Mr. Miliband, Labour Party leader, committed us when he signed the Climate Change Act.

If we continue with it, the 2000-per-year energy bill will soon be with us.

One of the duties of government is to provide affordable power, and a secure supply, 24/7.

Scientists and engineers know that the scheme above will provide neither.

    Miliband has said that energy companies are profiteering.

    Here are British Gas's costs, reported by a person who objected to paying the Green Levy on his gas bill:

    38% Electricity bought from wholesale market:
    26% Delivery to homes:
    19% Government Green Levy:
    12% Operating costs:
    5% Profits:

    So - 5% is profiteering.

    Quadruple it - that's roughly what the government is taking.

    Costs obviously passed on to the customer; BG has no choice.


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