Scottish Government subsidising windfarms through Council Taxes
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....letter to the P and J from Lyndsey Ward, Inverness-shire.

I was stunned to read the comment (the Press & Journal, November 5) from a Scottish Government spokeswoman to the call for a halt to any more wind turbines being allowed into the planning process, until studies showed whether or not the landscape was capable of absorbing further numbers.

How? Where is this magic pot of endlass money that pays for councils to process multiple complicated windfarm applications, and hire experts and legal teams to defend themselves at appeals and public inquiries?

Our vital services are being cut, the potholes in our roads are so bad that avoiding them when driving is no longer possible; the council tax is frozen yet again and still windfarm applications flood into our councils at the rate of seven a day, according to recent reports.

Mrs. Lyndsey Ward

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