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Donald Trump has described the energy policy which would operate if he became U.S. President, in a speech given in Bismarck, North Dakota.

He would reduce restrictions on energy exploration, open up more land to drilling, and reduce dependence on foreign oil. He said he would try to reopen negotiations to build the Keystone XL pipeline; a project which was stopped by President Obama.

Trump criticised the totalitarian tactics of the Environmental Protection Agency, saying that he would dismantle it. The EPA is well-known for implementing policies for which it has no mandate, for example, its so-called 'Clean Power Plan'. In this context, 'Clean' doesn't mean what it says; it just means increasingly costly regulations on carbon dioxide.

Trump also criticised Hillary Clinton for saying two months ago that she would (if elected President) probably prevent fracking projects from taking place.

Trump's summary: “Hillary’s agenda is job destruction. My agenda is job creation".

He had no time for unnecessarily severe climate rules and said he would cancel the America's part in the Paris climate agreement and withdraw funding for United Nations programs related to global warming. Trump has rightly been critical of so-called man-made climate change and its associated propaganda..

Trump has recently said that he will reopen coal mines; for example, in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. At the moment, natural gas is a cheaper alternative, but Trump said that he would be able to restore coal jobs by making environmental regulations less stringent.

Trump pointed out some home truths about wind turbines, citing the way these machines attract eagles, which frequently get cut to pieces on the blades. He said, rightly, that the wind industry would not exist without subsidies. Nevertheless he said he would use an energy mix and that nuclear, solar, and wind power would all play a role.

27 May 16


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