Cars should have a proper spare wheel

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From an experienced driver ....

I have driven cars for many years and never had a flat tyre until a couple of weeks ago. Went back to my car; completely flat front tyre; the tyre repair 'Squirty Stuff' was squirted in and had no effect.

I had to get the AA out to get me to a garage at 10.30 pm. The staff had all gone home; had to get a hotel for the night and deal with the problem the next day.

All of the inconvenience, time and expense would have been avoided if I had a decent spare wheel. The car (my wife's) only had a 'space-saver'; different size to a standard wheel, and one is not supposed to fit them to the front, for safety reasons. The tiny little spanner for taking the wheelnuts off was also inadequate.

How car manufacturers get away with selling cars without a fifth identical wheel, and a decent tool to change the wheel, is a disgrace. It is a matter of personal safety. If you have a flat tyre in the middle of the countryside at night, as I did, then you are extremely vulnerable without a proper spare, and so is the vehicle if you leave it unattended. By the time you come back the next day you will probably have had your wheels stolen - especially if they are alloys.

Clearly the manufacturers do this arrangement to reduce costs and charge you for a spare wheel as an extra. This is a flawed saving because the repair kits cost about the same as a spare wheel.

What is a stupid arrangement. With cars as expensive as they are, one expects better!

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