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Received from my friend Lyndsey in Scotland...........ND.

Published in the Herald, and republished here with the writer's permission.

As yet more reports come in of whales washing up on beaches in the UK and the United States, the seemingly acceptable practice of annihilating wildlife onshore and offshore for industrial wind turbines, that are doing nothing to bring energy bills down or give us energy security, continues unabated. It seems that every loophole a wind operator can exploit to cost us more and increase their shareholders' bank balances they will do.

Thousands upon thousands of acres in our oceans, glens and communities are being industrialised by wealthy multinationals in a feeding frenzy for profit and absolutely nothing else is deemed important enough to stop them.

This is not saving the planet. This is destroying it and all we hold dear and is backed by the Scottish Government, Westminster and just about every politician and clueless celebrity I have had the misfortune to hear spout ignorantly on the subject.

As the elephants stampede into the room we have to call a halt. There is no joined-up thinking here. Building more and more wind turbines on land and sea with nowhere for their intermittent energy to flow to is barking mad. We are already awash with wind energy and pay millions for turbines to switch off from the grid. England cannot take any more of it and probably won't for a decade, if at all. If we allow these power companies to continue as they have, not only will Scotland become a further industrial mess, more wildlife will be slaughtered and our energy bills will keep on rising as the wind bottleneck at the border gets even bigger.

Why is no-one in government joining the dots? Are they too feart to answer the questions we want answers to? What power are these multinationals wielding over them?

Where is the data and evidence of need for all this wind power and its devastating infrastructure? Why are we being forced to pay for something without being given any proof of need?

Lyndsey Ward, Spokeswoman for Communities B4 Power Companies, Beauly.

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