Industrial devastation threatens Skye

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Full version of letter in Herald today; a slightly cut version of this letter was in the Daily Mail.


It really is ‘last chance saloon’ for Skye this week as the next phase of this disturbing Scottish western plays out.

On Wednesday Highland planning Councillors will re-evaluate their ‘no objection’ decision on SSEN’s application for new catastrophic overhead power lines and further infrastructure in stunning Skye. It is specifically designed to encourage and enable new multiple wind turbine applications despite there being no guaranteed route to market for yet more excess wind energy. This can only increase the constraints burden on consumers who will have to pay millions to switch these monsters off. What a bizarre business model - except for those gleefully raking in the spoils of a half-cocked policy - that surely everyone, except the green-sloshed politicians, can now see is not fit for purpose.

With SSEN submitting further environmental information regarding Skye after the Councillors’ original decision it is only correct that planners revisit the application and make the right call this time. Without an objection, Skye will not get the public inquiry it deserves where SSEN can be cross-examined by independent experts and their proposals scrutinised in the public domain. If SSEN is allowed to succeed, Skye will be changed forever and not for the better.

Rural Scotland is fast becoming like the wild west as Scottish government backed Big Energy rides roughshod into pristine environments and over residents' wishes to stake their claim and spear their public money, making industrial junk, into areas that should be fiercely protected.

There are two definitions of ‘last chance saloon’’ according to the Collins dictionary. One is a place frequented by unsavoury characters and the other is a situation considered to be the last opportunity for success. If you have ever encountered the dismissive attitude of those intent on colonising rural Scotland in the name of ‘green’ you will know that both definitions will apply.

It may seem dramatic to refer to Custer’s Last Stand but the enormous pressure and distress felt by targeted communities in Skye and across Scotland feels like they are fighting for their way of life against a ruthless ‘green’ invasion with no-one in authority on their side. Attitudes are hardening as citizens become more aware of the scale of the industrial devastation they are expected to accept, even though evidence of need has not been given to them. Politicians must stand with us and demand answers and not just hitch their wagons to the destructive ‘green’ gravy train choo-chooing its way through our world-famous natural environment.

Lyndsey Ward, Beauly, Spokeswoman for Communities B4 Power Companies

12 Nov 23


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