More Carbon Taxes Looming

Another article from Viv Forbes, writing from Australia.

Mainstream Climate Science” is a stagnant swamp beside the real river of science.

Mr. Kloppers of BHP says, of global warming, “the mainstream science is correct, and we need to stabilise (and eventually reduce) the carbon concentration in the atmosphere”.

This is an amazingly sloppy comment from the head of a company whose shareholders would expect it to rely on good science and accurate language to run its businesses.

No power station these days puts “carbon” into the atmosphere. Carbon is a black sooty substance produced as a result of incomplete combustion of coal in open fires and dirty old fashioned boilers. In modern boilers, all carbon is completely burnt to produce invisible, non-polluting, life supporting carbon dioxide.

Secondly, describing the computer models and data-fitting from the IPCC as “mainstream science” means his minders have not kept up either with the science or the debate.

Real science on the causes of climate change has gone far past the simplistic linking of carbon dioxide to global warming. Even a high school science student could tell him that carbon dioxide has zero heating ability. All it could do is cause a slight reduction in the day-time heating and night-time cooling of the earth’s surface - nothing that could be measured on a normal thermometer.

BHP’s own stratigraphers could give Mr Kloppers more real data about past climate change than will ever be learned at an Al Gore science fiction movie. The “mainstream” of climate science in the media is driven by political agendas, government money and private vested interests – it is a stagnant swamp beside the real river of science.

At least some coal companies have not lost their wits or their courage. See the following submissions to the US EPA by Peabody Energy, the biggest coal company in the world, which is taking the US Government to court for what some call 'climate fraud'.

submission 1: no legal option

submission 2: climate fraud case

It is to be hoped that more businesses will challenge global warming propaganda, and that media reporting of the issue becomes less simplistic and more truthful.

ND comment -if we allow our politicians to disregard the evidence, we will not get the right decisions on energy policy.

Viv Forbes, edited slightly by ND, habitat21, 20 Sep 2010.

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