A call to boycott the Cancun Conference
-Viv Forbes, Queensland

A member of the IPCC has stated the following:

"The climate summit in Cancun at the end of the month is not a climate conference, but one of the largest economic conferences since the Second World War . One must say clearly that we redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy."

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Below is a statement by the Chairman, Carbon Sense Coalition; slightly edited, and reproduced by permission.

The Carbon Sense Coalition today called on all Australian governments to boycott the Cancun Climate Change Conference.

The Chairman of "Carbon Sense", Mr Viv Forbes, said "we do not want a repeat of Copenhagen, when 45,000 people gathered to discuss how to reduce things like air travel and conspicuous consumption".

"There is no reason for Australia to attend."

"This conference is no longer about climate - it is about international redistribution of wealth and industry from the west to the rest of the world. Australia is part of the spoils they hope to redistribute."

"There is no chance of global agreement on emissions trading schemes or more carbon taxes. The political landscape and public opinion in the USA has turned dramatically sceptical of the increasingly exaggerated predictions about climate. Moreover, trading in carbon credits in Chicago has collapsed and even Al Gore is recanting on ethanol. Without US participation, nothing will be agreed globally."

"For a decade, the world climate has not resembled the forecasts of the IPCC. Cynics might suppose that the venue is Mexico because it'st's difficult to talk about man-made global warming in the middle of the coldest November spell for about twenty years."

"They will be talking about enforced global rationing of carbon emissions on a per capita basis. This means transfer of Australian wealth, industry and jobs to India, China and Africa. To bypass national parliaments and the electorate, this will be attempted via 'International Agreements'."

"Australia should send no more than one observer to Cancun, and that person should have no power to agree to anything. In particular there should be no promises to extend the failed but costly Kyoto Accord, and no transfer of authority to any new international body".

"A boycott makes more sense than sending jumbo jets of people to beach resorts in Mexico."

Viv Forbes
Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition
Rosevale, Qld, Australia.

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