Carbon Taxes and the Cult of Unreason

This year will see the climax of the Climate War in Australia. Once the new Senators take their seats Gillard and the Greens will try to legislate their carbon dioxide tax followed by the carbon rationing scheme.

We can expect no help from the big end of town they are too busy designing exemptions or benefits for themselves. All stops will be pulled out with the government media, the research mercenaries, the climate change industry and paid spruikers like Garnaut and Flannery all firing broadsides.

Similar things are happening across America, Europe, and the UK.

Opposing them are a few independent scientists, a few sceptical journalists, a growing band of bloggists and thousands of concerned consumers and tax payers.

Politics is a numbers game, so we need help from every member and supporter. Please pass on these messages to friends and associates, write letters to the media, swamp the politicians with questions and opposition, swell the numbers at rallies and protests, ask awkward questions of politicians in public, and recruit new supporters.

The taxaholics will fail in the end, but the longer this scam continues the greater the cost and harm done to our economy, our cost of living and our environment.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Please play a part in this great battle of our times.

Viv Forbes

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