Mainstream Media begin
to report true cost of Renewables

None of the information below is really "news" to regular readers of this website, but it's interesting that it appeared in the Daily Mail. Millions of people read it. The Mainstream Media are gradually catching up....

Green taxes now make up about 20% of household gas and electricity bills. This money is mainly being used to subsidise Britain's rapidly expanding wind programme, which delivers, at best, a small fraction of the energy it is designed to deliver.

Campaigners are now demanding that power companies specify how much they are charging customers in following the government's green policy.

The BBC is still maintaining the view that humans are changing the climate and that the reason is carbon dioxide emissions. It repeats this endlessly and in many different ways.

Joseph Goebbels once said that if a lie is repeated enough times, the public will eventually believe it.

However, the public is becoming more media-savvy, and BBC is no longer a significant contributor to the debate. No-one believes it on this issue. - Ed.

Lord Turnbull, former head of the civil service, said that politicians should stop frightening us and our children about the threat of global warming. They should consider the damaging economic impact of following the climate change agenda.

The typical UK household spends about 600 per year on gas and 420 on electricity. About 350 of that is to pay for the construction of wind turbines.

Dr. Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, said that the rapid rise in the price of fuel was the result of Britain's stubborn and wrong-headed commitment to renewable energy.

Click on the headline below to find out how the "Renewables Obligation" works.

11 Jun 2011

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