BBC Climate Bias to continue

The BBC is still refusing to give a balanced view of climate issues, preferring to follow its own green agenda. A new report by its governing body, just out, makes this clear.

The report draws in part from a review by biologist Steve Jones of University College, who says he found no evidence of bias in BBC output.

One can only conclude that he did not look very thoroughly, and wonder whether he understands the science.

Lord Lawson, chairman of the sceptical Global Warming Policy Foundation, said the fact that carbon dioxide levels were rising leading to global warming was not under dispute. However, he added, its extent and effect could not be explained by majority scientific opinion alone.

He said: “The BBC is already extremely one-sided on this issue. They have a settled view which is politically correct. The idea that because scientific opinion falls largely on one side you can’t have a debate is outrageous. Because there’s a strong majority in basic science doesn’t mean the issue is off the table, yet the BBC says it should be.”

The foundation’s director, Dr Benny Peiser, said the report would lead to biased coverage of climate change and stifle any real debate.

Dr David Whitehouse, the foundation’s editor and a former BBC science correspondent, said the corporation had lost the plot with its science journalism. Grouping sceptics with deniers would result in a lack of valid scientific input to its reports.

The refusal of the BBC to use the normal procedures of scientific debate in discussing climate issues is a national disgrace.

Its attitude also undermines its authority in other matters - Ed.

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