The Environmental Taliban

Energy & Climate Change minister Greg Barker has described certain enviromental pressure groups as the 'Environmental Taliban' after their criticism of his efforts to make his green policies more realistic and cost-effective.

He told the Financial Times that measures like the 3bn Green Investment Bank, reforming the electricity market, a carbon price floor and encouraging more household insulation were all evidence of government enthusiasm for "green action".

He also said that had been a shift in emphasis in recent months, towards better value for money and greater financial rigour.

However, there is not an infinite amount of money to spend on the 'green economy'; it must abide by the same rules of economics followed by other industries. There is no reason for it to have special treatment, and consumer bills must be an important consideration in drawing up policy.

It is becoming obvious to all people who are not 'green activists' that we are not going to save the planet by shutting down our industries and replacing them with others totally dependent on subsidy. The recent changes in wind and solar incentives are a step in the right direction.

Unelected pressure groups such as Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace have no right to inflict their spendthrift ideas on the rest of us. It is up to government to take a firm line.


6 Jan 2012

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