More information on the
Climategate Affair

This is a list of links for those who wish to learn more about the Climategate affair, and the way that 'global warming' has been presented to the public by a number of respected bodies, including the Royal Society and the taxpayer-funded Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

Remember that the Climategate affair is not just a disagreement between scientists, in spite of what the mainstream media may say. The destination of trillions of dollars in the economies of many countries will depend on climate data. This is the information used to form economic policy, especially decisions related to energy. There is nothing more important to a country than its energy supply.

It is therefore important that the data are accurate.

Video: Al Gore, proponent of 'man-made global warming' facing awkward questions in Congress. Nov 09.

Video: Rex Murphy of CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) giving an excellent summary of the Climategate affair, 4 Dec 09.

Video debate on Fox News between Piers Corbyn, an English scientist, and a member of the IPCC:

Video; Republican senator for Oklahoma, James Inhofe, calling for a Climategate probe, followed by Stuart Varney debating with Ed. Begley, Jr. on Fox News..

Videos on 'climategate'; one from Fox News, the other from Dr. Tim Ball, 30-year climate scientist..

Video, BBC; debate between Prof. Fred Singer and Prof. Bob Watson of CRU..

Video, BBC; more from Fred Singer and Bob Watson. .

Video, Alex Jones, warning of the global consequences of the alleged global warming scam and its links to Copenhagen. .

Video: humorous 'rap' debate between Al Gore and Lord Monckton. .

Richard Courtney, an English scientist, who has wide experience of energy matters.

Canada Free Press, investigative news site with good environment coverage.

Andrew Watts' site on science, nature and climate.

The Global Warming Policy Foundation, a think-tank set up by Nigel Lawson..

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