Mothers' Breath is Toxic -

Environment Protection Agency

Environment Protection Agency Declares Mothers’ Breath Toxic

The Carbon Sense Coalition today accused the Australian and US governments of ignoring real pollution problems while conducting a vendetta against an innocent bystander, carbon dioxide.

The Chairman of Carbon Sense, Mr Viv Forbes, said it was a sick joke that the Australian EPA calls carbon dioxide, the gas of life, a pollutant, while the US EPA has declared the same harmless gas a health hazard.

The earth’s atmosphere contains 386 ppm of CO2, whereas human exhalation contains 40,000 ppm, over 100 times as much. These asinine laws have thus effectively decreed that a mother’s warm breath on her baby’s face is a toxin.

And still these imbeciles are not laughed out of court.

Meanwhile, Asia gasps in a brown cloud of real pollution like the smogs that smothered London and Pittsburgh in the 1950’s.

The Asian smog is not caused by carbon dioxide.

It comes from dirty combustion – uncontrolled peat and forest fires in Indonesia, open air cremations and cow dung cooking in India, smoky mosquito repelling fires in SE Asia, rubbish dump fires, dust and ash from dirty old boilers and plants, and poor people everywhere scrounging dung, sticks, cardboard, coal, rags, waste oil and anything that burns for cooking and heating.

The London smog was cleared away with coal by wire– clean silent electric heating and lighting from distant steam generators.

Anyone concerned about Asian air pollution would be encouraging the construction of clean reliable modern power stations to replace a myriad of dirty open fires and old boilers.

Instead, fools try to ration and tax a life-supporting, non-polluting, invisible, will-o-the-wisp like carbon dioxide – fiddling while Asia burns.

Maybe the people promoting the war on carbon dioxide should set a good example and cease exhaling.

Viv Forbes, Carbon -Sense Coalition

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