"Act on CO2" advertisements on the BBC

The item below was broadcast in the 9:00 to 9:30 timeslot on August 15 2009. Its purpose appeared to be to frighten children.

The BBC does not run advertisements so this is described as a "filler". It used alarming cinematography to state global warming propaganda. There is no truth in the warnings it gives, though it may be of interest to serious students of fiction..

The offending video is no longer on line, but I wrote down what it said.

The voiceover read as follows:

    Energy-dependent home appliances are part of our modern way of life. Most of the energy they use comes from burning gas, oil and coal, which emit, carbon dioxide, CO2, in to the atmosphere, changing the planet’s climate.

    We also waste large amounts of energy unnecessarily, which only increases CO2 emissions affecting the climate even further.

    We can only tackle climate change, if we all act, now … together … by using and wasting less energy and therefore, reduce the CO2 emissions we are each responsible for.

    To find out more about climate change and how to reduce your CO2 footprint, go to: direct.gov.uk/Act On CO2

Presumably the website gives more information of similar quality.

One wonders what Lord Reith would have made of this. The BBC's charter states that the BBC's role is 'to inform, enlighten and entertain'.

It was never intended to be an arm of Government, except perhaps in time of war.

Nigel Deacon / habitat21 website

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