The greenhouse effect isn't the problem

The following interesting letter (slightly edited) appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 5 Mar 07.

Dear Sir

Martin Livermore highlights some of the inconsistencies in the hypothesis that a carbon dioxide increase is the cause of global warming.

The levels of this gas were very much higher, millions of years ago, when much of the world was covered with ice.

Since the beginning of life on the planet, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been steadily removed and sequestrated in the form of chalk, coral and igneous rocks.

The carbon dioxide produced by humans comes from coal, petrol and other fossil fuel which captured it from the atmosphere. They are bio-fuels returning their carbon content to the source from which it came. They are not making additional carbon dioxide, and so cannot be the cause of global warming.

S.F., Emeritus Professor, University of London SW7.

ND comment - there was an interesting programme on the TV recently which pointed out that increased carbon dioxide is probably the result of global warming, not the cause.

Recent global warming is likely to be a result of the variation in solar radiation.

The programme made it clear that certain environmental groups are attempting to suppress debate on this issue.

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