A New Nuclear Power Plant: Finland

Sir - The Finns have recently purchased a 1,600-Megawatt electrical pressurised-water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plant from a Framatome-based consortium at a firm price of 2 billion. The scheduled construction time is six years. Framatome is the company that built the 50 or so PWR plants that currently ensure security of electrical energy supply in France, so it's reasonable to assume that they know what they are doing.

British politicians, not an engineer or energy expert among them, have decided that we could not commission a nuclear plant in Britain earlier than 2030.

Since the Government sold our last nuclear plant technology company, Westinghouse Nuclear, to Toshiba just two months ago, could I suggest that we ask Framatome for a quotation?

Bruce Tait, Hythe, Kent

....published by Daily Telegraph; reproduced by permission - thanks, Bruce...

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