Properties of Timber:
Satinwood (Chloroxylon swietenia)

This is a smallish tree which occurs in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). It is a well-known quality wood with a brilliant yellow colour, with delicate glowing shades. The timber arrives here in logs of two feet wide, and seven or eight feet long.The inner heartwood is slightly darker. The grain is narrow, and often wavy. Sometimes there are dark veins. The wood has an unusual sheen in sunlight and is fragrant.

The density is around 61lb per cubic foot, compared with 48 for oak - so it is very dense. It is quite difficult to work with machinery. Nailed joints need pre-drilling. It does not glue easily. It stains well and polishes to a very good finish. It is durable and in demand for high quality cabinet work and expensive furniture. It is used for the backs of hair brushes, and it is often used as veneers.

summarised from "The Library of Entertaining Knowledge - Timber trees" (1829), pub. Charles Knight, Pall Mall, and other sources. No picture yet - am awaiting a photograph.

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