Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) - wind

The system we are constructing here in Leicestershire is intended to run a small office, with 4 x 200Ah 12 volt batteries plus 2kW inverter powered by a 1.5 metre diameter wind turbine.

The office will contain a printer, a couple of computers, fluorescent lighting and other small items of office equipment.

Optimum output is obtained from the turbine at about 25 mph. Faster than that, the turbine starts to shut down; there is an electric braking system, and surplus electricity will be dumped through a large resistor and heat sink.

The generator itself is about the same size as a large washing machine motor, but far heavier. It contains ‘rare earth’ magnets; far more powerful than ordinary magnets, which result in a very compact unit. The turbine blades are fibreglass and extremely durable.

Here are some introductory pictures:

Blade tip.
Blade tip

Blade strength.
Blade strength

Three blades.
Three blades

Blade root.
Blade root

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