More Pylons for Scotland

Sir -

Britain is responsible for two percent of the world's carbon emissions, of which one third comes from electricity generation. Plans to produce 10 per cent of our energy from renewable sources, ie. mostly wind farms, by 2010, will result in a fall of under 0.1 percent in global emissions. This figure does not include the carbon dioxide released during the manufacture and construction of the wind farm.

Scotland, one of the most unspoilt and atmospheric areas in Europe, will be sullied by giant wind turbines and mega-pylon lines, on the pretext of combating global warming.

The sheer stupidity of these plans cannot be over-emphasised. They will have no effect on climate change but are more than likely to result in a damaged local tourist industry and rocketing power prices for the consumer.

A substantial propertion of electricity is wasted. The Scottish Executive should therefore set targets for eliminating waste and concentrate more on energy efficiency. This would be more effective than the present wind-power fiasco.

JH, Edinbane, Skye.

(slightly edited version of a letter appearing in DT, 20 Feb 07)

Comment from ND -
The main greenhouse gas is water vapour, not carbon dioxide. Efforts to limit carbon dioxide are unhelpful to industry and are unlikely to affect climate change.

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