Planning Inspectorate
Ignores Local Communities

Paraphrased from a letter in the Daily Telegraph, 1 Apr 13

DR (letters, 28 Mar) is correct to criticize the Planning Inspectorate, which is ignoring local views either because of instructions from the Government or because of its own institutional bias.

Last year a planning inspector recommended approval for a huge wind farm at Frodsham, Cheshire, on green-belt land, in spite of enormous local opposition.

The location is just over a mile from where 14,000 peoople live; there is a large number of heritage assets, and it is adjacent to an internationally important wildfowl area.

The planning inspector ignored local concerns and local safety in favour of a powerful company.

Harold MacMillian once said that consultation is telling the other side what you are going to do.

That principle is operating here.

J.C.D., Helsby, Cheshire

    ..........Meanwhile we have lost another coal-fired power station, Didcot, which supplied 2GW out of the nation's requirement of approx 50GW.

    It has been shut down without replacement capacity being installed.

    - Ed

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